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Mr.President, I can totally understand that you must be very frustrated with the fact that you cannot do very much to help the Ameican people reversing the economic trend to get us out of this terrible recession. Even if you knew of very effective methods that would end this recession in record time, you could not get them implemented if they are contrary to what is best for the special interest groups that got you elected and are dictating to you what you must do for them. No matter how brilliant these ideas are, it would take enormous guts on your part to implement them to end this recession in under 12 months. By implementing these recession ending measures the bankers would lose their stranglehold monopoly they have on the American Economy. The only way these brilliantly simple measures can be implemented is when about 3.5% of all voting age population would understand these measures and would also believe that these measures would actually end the recession in less than 12 months. The special banking interests are extremely powerful because they control the media and they will do everything in their power to keep you and the Congress from ending this recession because it would end their monopoly stranglehold on the economy. Following is my proposal that is guaranteed to end the recession in record time and propel the economy to new record prosperity.

Mr. President, you can end the recession in 6 months if you follow the two temporary measures proposed below
Your economic advisors may tell you that any advice that is not coming from the Federal Reserve Board cannot possibly be good, specially if it comes from the general public and not from a famous economist. On occasion some of the very best ideas come right from the general public. And this is one of these occasions. 

We will get out of this recession by simply reversing the process that got us into this recession.
To understand this very simple and brilliant plan it is very important to understand how we got into this recession. Reversing the process will get us out of this recession in the same short time that it took to get into it. 

After I have taught you the methods that will get us out of this recession in under 12 months I will teach you the methods that will propel America to new record levels of prosperity during your next term in office. Your next term in office is guaranteed because you will have over one BILLION dollars in election campaign funds and you need to spend none of it in the primaries because you will run unopposed. Your Republican opponents are only running to be able to collect campaign contributions of which they will spend only a fraction and can keep the rest in their pockets. You will be able to keep at least $500 million of your billion dollar election war chest because in the general election your Republican opponent will not even come close to having amassed a warchest half the size of your billion dollars. They will have spent a large percentage of the money they will get through fund raising efforts and the candidates that are not realy interested in the Presidentcy only run to raise campaign contributions the majority of which they can keep if they do not spend them during the primary campaign.

It will be difficult for you to implement my recommendations with which to end this recession in under 12 months because my recommendations are contrary to the interests of the Banking Industry and the Federal Reserve Bank and its owners, the large domestic and international Bankers.

I have some hope that you will have the guts to do this for the American people and that you have the ability to explain these brilliant recession ending measures to the American people and overcome the power of the media that are owned by the bankers that will do anything in their power to ridicule these recession ending measures and keep them from being implemented.

Currently governments at all levels (Federal, State, County and City) are implementing austerity measures to balance their budgets. The general public likes that very much and demands that governments will limit their spending to what they collect in taxes so that they will not have to go further into debt to finance their often wasteful spending. Sadly this is exactly the opposite of what needs to be done to end the recession. These austerity measures will very much delay the economic recovery and are likely to get us deeper into recession. Lucky for you, Mr.President, it is mainly the Republicans and other groups that oppose you that make the biggest push for these disastrous austerity measures. That will give you ample opportunity to ridicule your oponents and show them the errors of their ways. They should as quickly as possible reverse their austerity position even though the general public is all in favor of these austerity measures as well. It is your job to educate the general public on the fact that austerity measures are a disaster for an economy that is in recession. On the other hand it will be cynical but maybe politically expedient for you to do nothing at all and allow the economy to tank some more because that way you will be guaranteed a shoe-in for a second term in the White House. It would be a tragedy if you would deliberately let us suffer this recession an additional 18 months longer than what is necessary. 
What got us into this recession?
A drop in consumer spending got us into this recession and an equal increase in consumer spending will get us out. 

 Read to understand the simple two measures, explained below, that will save us from drifting into a full blown depression and instead will get us out of this big recession. We are currently almost duplicating the same mistakes made by Hoover and FDR. Like deer in the headlights, we are paralized and are doing little or nothing and are hoping that the economy will come back on its own. It will eventually, or when the Fed people will allow some serious stimulous to be done about one year before your re-election so that your administration will be credited with pulling the economy out of recession. Such a cynical approach totally disregards the needs and plight of the millions of unemployed and the general public and it will wreck the economic infrastructure some more. The recovery toward a prosporous economy will be taking many more years when all the additional infrastructure is wrecked by following the advice from the Fed and the big bankers.
The two measures that will end the recession fast
1. The Federal Government must give block grants on a weekly basis to all local Governments at all levels of jurisdiction, States, Counties, Cities and other local Governments. These grants must be sizeable to where all these Governments can run their governments at the same budget level as they did in January, 2007. With these grants there will be a mandate that all these governments re-hire the same number of people as they have let go during the time since January 2007 and that they will bring their pay and benefits back at 3% per year until they are 10% less than wages and benefits in the private sector of the economy. I know that there will be a lot of protest and crying from the Unions and the Union employees in the various branches of government, but we must realize that all the rest of the people in the country are paying for all this government largess and as such they get far less for their tax dollars than what they get from the private sector economy. The 10% lower wages in government jobs will enable the private sector to compete for hiring employees. Every empire that ever existed did collapse or slowly crumbled when public servants started getting more wages than the general public they were supposed to serve. Together with the money stolen by the public servants through all manner of graft, the public non-servants have always made more money than the public they are rarely serving.
I realize that a large portion of the weekly money grants to all these lower levels of government will be "stolen" as it is at all times and it is stolen in a way that cannot be traced or proven but we know that whatever goods and services governments buy are allways far more expensive than they should be. The difference goes into the pockets of the non-servants. It is very difficult, if not impossible. We may not want to tolerate the theft and graft but we do not have much of a choice. That stolen money will also stimulate consumer product and consumer service purchases and will therefor be beneficial for the purpose of reviving the economy. The reviving of the economy is the first order of business. Later, after the economy has been revived, we can think of stiff measures that will punish public employee graft and theft severely, but I am aftaid that the theft will be going on no matter what.

The recession started in October 2006 with a decline in spending for consumer products and consumer services. Most economy "experts" insist that the recession started in December of 2007 but they are mistaken. The decline in consumer spending started a downward spiral that began to be noticed by the Bush administration by December 2007. To try to stop the downward spiral and to stimulate the economy the Bush administration passed a stimulus act in February 2008 and with it gave tax rebate checks in May 2008 of around $600 to those who had income of less than $75,000. That amaounted to $120 billion consumer spending money. Too little too late as we will see. Much too little and about 15 months too late. Had that stimulus been made in Feb.2007, it would have had the right effect, but at that time the White House was not as yet aware that a major decline in consumer goods and services spending was under way. The longer government delays a stimulus the more expensive it gets later on to revive the economy. By which time a lot of fiscal conservatives will push for government austerity measures that will push a recession even deeper and into depression. The only time you want to push for reducing government waste and foolish spending is in economic boom times, not in economic recessions and depressions. It is strange that way, but totally not understood by politicians and the general public alike. Explained however in

Your banking industry handlers, with their lobbyists directly in the Whate House, will not allow you to end the recession in this very efficient and fast manner. Every President has had these banking lobbyists right in their White House. But millions of Americans that suffer unemployment are desperately hoping that you will have the mental ability to ignore the bad advice you get from your banking lobbyists and have the guts to break loose from them and take some advice from those with better understanding of economics than many of the economists that win Nobel Prizes for their gobbledigook.

1.The Federal Government must issue national Debit cards to all the over 300 million people that have a Social Security number (this includes babies and small children). The Federal Government must fund those cards to start with $200 per month with the stipulations that the money must be spent within 30 days and that it cannot be cashed out for other purposes than consumption of goods and services (of course we understand that at least 20% of the people will get around that by reducing the spending of their own money by $200 and spending the debit card funds instead, but 80% success is still good for $48 billion per month being added to consumer spending). The amount of the monthly funding can be adjusted from month to month. Judging from the economic results and whether the supply of goods and services did increase enough to counteract the inflationary pressure of the greater consumer spending. Because consumer spending will drive prices up (inflation) but production of goods and services that consumers want to consume will hold prices down (deflation). If more products and services are offered to the market than what consumers can consume then prices will go down but when consumers will consume more products and services than are available, prices will rise. It is an important function of government to stimulate both production and consumption in such a manner that prices are stabilized to not create large swings upward or downward and all the time stimulate DOMESTIC production of goods and services. The funding level in subsequent months can be adjusted up or down from the $200 level according to the behavior of the prices up or down during every 30 day period in which the impact of the consumer spending on prices is monitored. This National Debit Card funding system can be very closely fine-tuned. Where the money will come from to fund the cards is explained below. We are NOT going to have bureaucrats determine who should be eligible for the debit cards or whether rich people should get the money or not. We are supposedly in a democracy where everybody is equally treated. So even multi millionaires will get their monthly debitcard funding. They also will stimulate the economy by maybe going an extra time to a restaurant. We are not either going to determine what the money must be spent on (such as cash for clunkers). So if someone wants to spend the money on part of a vacation abroad, that is OK. No restrictions. That way the consumption will increase very evenly over the full spectrum of the economy, similarly in reverse of how the economy evenly declined when it went into recession.

Fund all the governments at lower levels of jurisdiction with all the mony they can absorb (and we know that they can absorb any amount of money because they steal through corruption whatever they can, but OH WELL, even that stolen money will go into the economy to boost consumption). They will be able to start local infrastructure projects that they have stopped and we will give them even more money so that they can start up new local infrastructure projects that are ready to go but that they had no money for. This way they will rehire the contracting companies that were fired by them as soon as they ran out of money and they can hire new contractors to start the new projects that are ready to go. They can also re-hire their own government employees they have laid off or that they have put on short work hours and it will also prevent future layoffs. Yes I know that most local governments are as inefficient and corrupt as the Federal Government is, but they are the prime locomotive that is in ready position to get this train wreck moving again. I do not care that many local governments have often a lot of the money disappearing into the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats that are dishonest, but I don't care, because corrupt government employees will always be with us and the money they steal goes also into the economy to stimulate consumer spending. After the economy is going again we can get all these governments in touch with  and how to become more efficient and more productive in the future. We can also do some extra auditing and promise jail time for the ones that get caught with their hand in the till. Meanwhile this will result in immediate increase in employment through all the subcontractors that hire back people to clean parks and do landscaping and the rehiring of their own government employees.

The bottom line
The only thing that you must take care of immediately is a dramatic increase of consumer spending/consumption. We must not waste time to correct any other problems at this time. We don't have the luxury either to allow all the lawyers in Congress to pompously dispense with all their oratory, to hear themselves talk. After the economy has recovered we can tackle all other perceived economic problems and socialist schemes you may have in mind (I hope that you will temper your socialist ideals after reading and understanding my very important law of nature ).

Dear Mr. President you are blameless
All kidding aside, you are not to blame for this economic mess we are in. Surprisingly, your predecessor cannot be blamed either even though many will blame the Bush administration for this Worldwide economic mess. All your predecessors and all government leaders at all lower levels of jurisdiction can not be blamed for not knowing how to guide an economy to optimum prosperity when the only source of knowledge about matters of economics is a bewildering pile of misinformation created by the alchemists of economics that call themselves economists. There is a small amount of good information mixed in. But it is totally buried under the garbage pile of misinformation and economic myths.

Allow me to explain by way of comparison
The state of knowledge of what is often called "The Dismal Science of Economics" is not much further advanced than was the trial and error practice of alchemy in the dark ages. The two best known schemes of alchemy were to turn some common metals into gold and silver, and another aim of the alchemists was to create an elixir that could cure all diseases and give ever lasting life. Among the alchemists were quacks and charlatans that together with bankers gained the confidence of investors to invest in their various gold making schemes (still an ongoing scam today) and selling the potions and lotions that supposedly would cure all illness and prolong life (still an ongoing scam today)

Alchemy was not all bad
Alchemy has turned out not to be all bad because it gave us a bewildering pile of misinformation with a small amount of good information mixed in. From ancient Egyptian times until February 20th , 1773 that large pile of mostly misinformation accumulated. Sifting through that mountain of garbage information to find the few pieces of good information resulted in the beginning of modern chemistry on February 20th, 1773, when Antoine Lavoisier wrote in his laboratory notebook "the importance of the end in view prompted me to undertake all this work, which seemed to me destined to bring about a revolution in . . . chemistry. An immense series of experiments remains to be made."  Lavoisier is generally credited with being the "father of modern chemistry". Even though many others had come to useful conclusions, it was Lavoisier who in 1789 started the "first chemical revolution". with the publication of his "Traité Elémentaire de Chimie" (Loosely translated "Elementary to Chemistry"). After publication of that first collection of conclusions describing the principles and laws of chemistry it would have been foolish to persist with alchemy experimentation and not heeding the newly defined principles and laws as described by Lavoisier in his, what could be called, handbook of chemistry.

Dear Mr. President you will be blamed if . . .
You will be blamed if you will not read and heed the principles and laws of Brilliant iConomics with which in future all governments at all levels of jurisdictions will optimize the economies under their jurisdiction (at least that is what I expect will happen when Brilliant Conomics has survived all the negative attacks from special interest that currently are wielding all the power with the bribes they pay to politicians that sell their votes for cash).

The most expensive collusion
Some of the worst, most expensive and best disguised collusion schemes of current economics are perpetrated by the taxation industries, banking industries, insurance industries, legal industry and the illness industries all of which have contributed generously, to the misinformation with deliberate falsehoods that have become standard accepted knowledge for the general public and the media. 

Wasting the only asset an economy has
All of this current misinformation causes recessions and depressions because the only asset that an economy has (people working hours available to the economy) is squandered on worthless unproductive employment. The kind of employment that does not produce products, or services that are wanted and consumed by consumers.

Creating a better system
Why not do the same for economics that Lavoisier did for chemistry, sifting through the whole mountain of myths and nonsense information and find the few pieces of good information and build on those to create
On April 1, 2005, Alf Temme (like Lavoisier) wrote a note to himself in his electronic online notebook as follows "the importance of the end in view prompted me to undertake all this work, which seemed to me destined to bring about a revolution in . . . economics. An immense amount of analytical thinking remains to be done." .

Mr. President, you promised change
We have seen alot of change so far, but it was not the kind of change you promised. None of your fault. But now you can read and bring about a big change in the right direction.

The good news
The good news is that you can move mass opinion very quickly and effectively and you are the perfect person to successfully implement and promote Brilliant Economics. If you were to successfully implement , you would be a shoe-in for a second term in the White House and you would change the whole World economy and all of mankind toward new levels of unprecedented prosperity and higher standards of living.

The bad news
The bad news, Mr.Obama, is that you have surrounded yourself with an army of "experts" that would not allow you to implement Brilliant Economics because it would greatly reduce the opportunity for the large monopolistic economic power blocks to practice their Monopoly Terrorism on us "the people". Yes, the real dangerous economic monopoly "terrorists organizations" are within our borders and many of them have "terrorist cells" right in the government.
Simple TriConomics guide lines

These excellently simple guidelines of Brilliant Economics will turn the economy of any country into a very prosperous and recession proof smooth running machine. Prosperous economies have no need to go into debt to meet the government budget requirements and therein lies the real problem of  Brilliant Economics for the banking monopolies. Debt-free economies are not a good thing for banks. All the people, Mr. President, that you have surrounded yourself with are only interested in the best interest of the banking community. The best interest of the banking community is, you guessed it, INTEREST. And the way they create interest is by inducing the various governments or forcing them into creating DEBT. National and local government debt that is. Debt that is guaranteed by the government and therefore it is debt guaranteed by all the people under such dumb governments. Debt that is virtually without risk to the lenders.

It takes a lot of courage
Mr. Obama, you actually would have to develop the courage and the backbone to go against the advice that is given you by experts that are or were members of the powerful banking industry. They will not like anything that will keep governments out of debt forever. You should replace all these special interest representatives with very analytical Brilliant Economics specialists that can assist you in determining which parts of Brilliant Economics you should tackle first and which will give the economy the most bang for our efforts. You wanted change, here is  the best opportunity to create the kind of change your constituency was hoping for when they applauded your charismatic speeches.

The big illness industry
By the way, one of the products I manufacture would solve 60% of the illness problem in the USA. That would be a bit of a problem for the illness industry of course but nothing will happen very fast because people have plenty of bad health habits left to be good customers of the illness industry for a long time to come. Besides the illness industry will be able to keep advertising its products by absorbing massive amounts of advertising media with "Ask your doctor" type of advertising (only allowed in the USA and a few other countries). It has the same effect on sales as advertising of tobacco products had before it got outlawed). The massive advertising budgets for illness related products and services is nice for media advertising but it drives much of the advertising for consumer goods out and therefor depresses consumer spending. In fact the negative public pressure on all forms of advertising also depresses consumer spending. Promoting all forms of advertising and discouraging the public's pressure against all forms of advertising is an important role for governments at all levels levels. Read

to be continnued